Speaking with first-time donor, George Prutzman ’13, on what DU means to him:

Q1:  You are a very recent graduate, why is it that you donated so soon?

A1:  I felt obliged to give back since DU gave me so much as an undergraduate. I’m happy to support this wonderful organization

Q2:  Why did you choose to join Delta Upsilon?

A2:  I chose DU because I had the rare opportunity to begin a fraternity and shape it in a positive way.  I was one of the ’09 guys who re-founded the chapter. I wanted to join Greek Life and I delt this was the best option I had.


Q3:  How was your time in DU beneficial to your academic career?

A3:  I was able to consult brothers who were in the same major as me. I also found it much easier to get to the library when traveling there with a group of brothers

Q4:  Did your time in Delta Upsilon teach you any valuable life lessons or values? If so, what were they?

A4:  Absolutely. The phrases “Building Better Men” and “Development of Character” aren’t just rhetoric. I’ve grown as a person thanks to DU.

Q5:  Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A5:  I suppose anything can happen in regards to whatever job I’m holding, but I see myself being stable and successful in 10 years time.     

Q6:  Why is donating to the annual fund personally important to you?

A6:  It would be selfish of me to have had all of the wonderful experiences I had and not do my part to extend the same opportunities to others.

Q7:  If you could redo your college years, is there anything that you would do differently?

A7:  I could always say, “I should’ve gone to the gym more” or “I should’ve budgeted more time for this” but there’s nothing major I would change

Q8:  How should a man best face his fears?

A8:  I don’t think there’s one answer to suit everybody. I think it’s a case-by-case basis. I consider myself a mathematical/analytical thinker, so for me, I would do my best to deconstruct any fear I might have, find a root cause of it, and determine why this root is such a hindrance. For others, it may be best to tackle their fears head on.  For another group, seeking counsel may be the best option. It’s not fair to say one method will work for everybody, but generally speaking, there is always a way to overcome adversity.

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