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Scott Reynolds ’76 and Doug Humes ’77 – Brotherhood Enhances High School Bond

Has a brother ever had a relationship enhanced by their time in a fraternity? For Doug Humes ’77 and Scott Reynolds ’76, the answer is yes! We recently caught up with Doug and Scott and asked about their trip to Aspen this past spring and what we found out about their relationship may speak to the truth of the matter:

Scott and Doug knew each other from their high school days.  Doug and Scott went to two different high schools in two different counties, but met through mutual friends – Scott was a lifeguard at Avalon Beach Patrol with a close friend of Doug.  Scott was a year ahead of Doug – went off to Penn State – and when Doug got there in freshman year, their dorms were side by side in East Halls.  Scott joined DU in his junior year and invited Doug out to a rush event.  Doug ended up joining at the end of his sophomore year and moved in junior year, while Scott was in his senior year.  “We had a good group of guys there,” Doug said.

Doug lives in a western suburb of Philadelphia.  Scott lives in New Jersey – about a 20-30 minute ride from each other.  So, they see each other at least a few times a year. 

Then, last September, Scott called Doug out of the blue and said, “Humesy, I have two companion airfare tickets to go anywhere in the lower 48.  Do you and Barb want to go somewhere?”  Of course, they agreed; Scott, Doug, and Doug’s wife, Barb are on a mission to visit all 50 states.  Scott also knew Doug and Barb travel almost every weekend as it is, so they were just the ones to call.

After deliberating a variety of destinations (including a new state that neither of them had been to) they decided to travel to Aspen just two weeks later for a long weekend and stay at Scott’s sister’s house.  The timing was also perfect because the leaves had just changed to their fall colors.  “The changing leaves and variety of trees were breathtaking.  Hiking and biking provided a nice view of all the scenery. It was simply beautiful,” Doug remarked.

They visited a landform called the Maroon Bells – two huge mountains rising in the distance – and several big lakes reflecting the mountains. They did a hike for several hours through the beautiful landscape. “The whole trip was fun – but that was the highlight,” Doug says.  They explored the town and did a bike ride as well. Doug enjoyed meeting Scott’s sister and her family.  They took their bright blue rental truck around and in the mountains

And this is certainly not the last of their trips together.  As a matter of fact, they are traveling this summer and the plans are already set:  they will venture to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, after which Scott will have seen 49 states and Barb and Doug will have seen 48. 

So does brotherhood enhance a strong relationship to begin with? Absolutely.

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