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November is a month to celebrate veterans and Delta Upsilon is proud to count a handful of brave service members among its ranks! We thank the following brothers for their service!

Philip Evans ’36 (deceased)

W.S. Freesland ’44, USAF, Col. (deceased)

Moylan Hull ’44, USAF, Lt. Col. (deceased)

John Misiewicz ’48, USMC, Col. (deceased)

Gilbert Unangst ’54, USAF, Lt. Col. (Ret.)

Fred Owlett ’55, USMC, Capt. (deceased)

W.S. Wojtkowski ’64, Navy, Capt. (deceased)

Vincent Tedesco Jr. ’64, Army, Col.

E. David Heilburn Jr. ’64, USAF

Philip Weller ’65, Navy, Capt.

James Scurria ’69, Navy, Capt.

J. Bruce Hulick ’74, USMC

Ray Dinsmore ’78, USAF, Col. (Ret.)

John Anselmo ’84, USAF, Lt.

Sean Kern ’90, USAF, Lt. Col.

We are sorry if we missed any veterans as these are all them we have on file. Please let us know if you have served by emailing our alumni relations partner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to put Delta Upsilon Penn State in the subject line! Got any pictures of your deployment or from your time in the military? We’d love to see them! Visit our photo albums and start uploading!

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