With our 2015-2016 giving year in its infants stages, we have so far, raised a total of $4,892. Our goal for the current giving year is to raise &20,000 and through you the donor, that is very attainable! Delta Upsilon would like to take this time to thank those Brothers who have already given to the annual fund. If you haven’t made your gift, do so today by logging on to www.psudu.com and clicking the “donate” tab. It is up to you to ensure that future generations of Brothers have the same experiences you had which led to the man you are today!

229 Locust Lane Society: $229 - $499.99
John Dubinsky 1959
James Kennedy 1962
Robert Bohner 1974
Timothy Finn 1975
Douglas Humes 1977
Carlo Woods 2003

Doc Davis Level: $100 - $228.99
William Bilohorka 1950
Richard Wilson 1952
Richard Crosby 1954
Robert Baldwin 1957
Alvin Barth 1958
Kenneth Sullivan 1961
Benjamin Bow 1962
Barry Hoffman 1963
Kenneth Staub 1963
Carl Nelson 1966
Anthony Policelli 1967
Gary Shaffer 1969
Timothy Sharp 1969
Robert Garbini
Douglas Engel 1971
Robert Szumowski 1975
Thomas Esposito 1979
James Miller 1989
Joe and Dianna Hollo 1991
Thomas Samuel 1991
Stephen Voytek 1999
Albert Incudine 2000
Aaron Stidd 2006
Justin Robinson 2011

Nittany Lion Club: up to $99.99
Robert Noah 1957
Donald Shaw 1957
John Johnston 1958
J. Glaus 1969
Bruce Balderston 1976
Dennis Steadman 1976
Dave Merenda 1977
Robert Sweeney 1981
Sean Kern 1990
John DelSignore 1992
Todd Wolk 2002

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