Dear Future Delta Upsilon

Congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a true Penn Stater. Your years at Penn State will work to shape and define the man you will become for the rest of your life. You have an opportunity to decide which aspects of student life you experience to the fullest, and which you miss out on completely.

Joining a fraternity is a decision that will provide you with opportunities you simply cannot find anywhere else. Fraternities at Penn State participate in every aspect of student life and provide additional opportunities that are not available anywhere else. Every year, fraternity men participate in community service, philanthropy, intramural sports, and Dance Marathon. Beyond that, they learn to manage functional households, often with operating budgets of more than $100,000, balance a social life with a professional life, and network with successful alumni across the nation.

Fraternity Life has played a vital role in shaping Penn State’s history. Many of Penn State’s historic leaders were members of fraternities. For example, legendary football coach Joe Paterno joined a fraternity at Brown, and some of Penn State’s greatest presidents are in fraternities-- George Atherton, Milton Eisenhower, Edwin Sparks, and James Beaver. This distinction may come as a shock to you, but the truth may be much more shocking: most of America’s greatest leaders are members of a Fraternity, including all but two presidents since 1825, and forty-five CEO’s from the top fifty Fortune 500 companies. Fraternity men have achieved these leadership roles because, behind maybe only the military, fraternities have passed the test of time as one of the greatest institutions of leadership development available to college students.

Fraternities set themselves apart because they were founded in dedication to values that transcend social trends. In fact, fraternities and sororities make up the largest contingency of values-based student organizations in the Nation. Values like honor, excellence, and brotherhood never go out of style. Our commitment to our own values is what makes Fraternity Life at Penn State an invaluable investment, one that is guaranteed to provide returns like no other form of student involvement.

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