Hello, My Brothers:

El Presidente here. It is my honor and privilege to report to you that the State of Our Fraternity is Sound! Our Undergrad numbers hover around 90 current Brothers, with occupancy just about at our capacity (45, give or take). Our financials are in very good order. The physical improvements to the Chapter House continue. Our majestic home is in the best condition it has been for quite some time. Our recruitment for top-notch candidates, to continue our legacy, is on course. The quality and character of our UG Brothers is remarkable.

Now, all of this didn’t come about by Alumni Brothers sitting on their hands. Au contraire, mon frere! (Please note I had 12 credits of PSU French). Rather, there is a core collection of your Brothers who step up when something needs to be done. I could start naming names, but that would take a while. Do you recall that old gesture when you’d breathe a “haa” on your folded knuckles and then rub them on your lapel, as if you were a hot shot? Many of your Brothers could do that legitimately. They wouldn’t, of course, being a humble brood.

I’m not Super DU-man. But, here is one thing that I do. I have a monthly charge on my Capital One credit card to donate to our beloved fraternity like clockwork. It’s easy. It’s painless. I don’t feel a thing. Plus, I get air miles. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up.

I know, I know. Nobody likes a fund drive. Through your donations, however, your DU Alumni Association is able to publish these eLetters, send post cards, and promote Homecoming & Founders’ Day, print and send the Doc Davis Newsletter. All of that so as to keep you informed of all things DU. Your donations also help to fund house improvements (such as, the concrete work on the sidewalks, the new entrance appearance, the replaced kitchen floor, the replaced steps out of the kitchen door, all three phases of the electrical upgrades, bathroom upgrades and other projects). So, think about logging onto our website at psudu.com and look for the “donate” button near the top of the page. With a few keystrokes, you can become a regular contributor at any dollar amount of your choosing. Feel free to showboat. Like I said, it’s easy, it’s painless.

So as to dispel the notion that it is all hard work and no play, the included photo is the only one I had taken of my participation at Homecoming 2015. You should come next year. Plus, you should also book the Founders’ Day Dinner on Saturday, April 16, 2016. More on that later. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Justice Our Foundation.


Tim Finn
Alumni President
Class of ’75, and Proud of it!

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