Hello, my Brothers: El Presidente here--again. Yes, I’ve been re-elected as your fearless leader for another year. Not to be confused with Boris & Natasha’s boss, despite the similarities. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will serve you this year in the best interest of all things DU.

Founders’ Day 2016 weekend was April 15-17. Was the program well organized? Yes. Were the Friday, Saturday and Sunday Alumni events supplied and enjoyed by all? Yes. Were Alums and their guests graciously received by the UGs? Yes. Was the Chapter House in good order? Yes. Was the tailgater before the Saturday Blue/White game awesome? Yes. Was the Sunday brunch at the Ramada Convention Center delicious and copious? Yes. Was the company great? Yes. Was the brunch well attended? Eh, not so much. We would have liked to see more of you there. However, a splendid time was had by all, just the same. Your Board of Directors will dissect how to get better attendance for next year’s FD event. If you have any suggestions, we’re all ears.

At the annual membership meeting held immediately prior to the brunch, elections were conducted for Directors of the Board. Four sitting Directors were re-elected (including yours truly). I am pleased to announce that two new Directors were added, namely, Brother Ben Grigsby ’13 and Brother Eric von Emburgh ’14. Brothers Ben & Eric also agreed beforehand to be the new House Advisors to the UGs, so it was only natural that they were elected to the Board. Thank you, Ben & Eric, for stepping up and bringing your youthful enthusiasm to very important positions.

At the brunch, we recognized 15 graduating seniors. Brother Bill Woska ‘12 led those graduates attending through the solemn Renewal of Initiation Rite, which reminds us all of our commitment to our founding principles and encourages continued involvement in all things DU.

Justice our Foundation.

It was a wonderful weekend. The weather was gorgeous. The Board got a lot done. We set the table for continued successes. At one point on Saturday afternoon, I found myself sitting in the back yard, sipping a cold one. Blaring out of the PA speakers, and without making any requests, the music was Grateful Dead, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Don McLean, Jim Croce. The young men wore Nittany Lion football jerseys and sunglasses. The lawn was thick with long-legged coeds sporting Daisy Dukes. They were throwing footballs and even tossing around hippie disks (Frisbees) in a game new to me called Kanjam. It was like I never left the ‘70s. Home again. It felt wonderful. You should try it. Please attend any of our Alumni events this coming year. Much work goes into it. It’s better when you’re here. We’ll keep you posted.

Summer projects that are scheduled on the Chapter House this year include: Finishing Phase III of the electrical upgrades on the first floor and party room area. This should substantially complete the total rewiring and upgrading of the whole electrical system top to bottom. In addition, we’re repaving the driveway from the Foster Street access to the Locust Lane main entrance. These necessary efforts take a lot of capital ($100K+). It’s in the budget for now. However, please keep those cards and letters coming with your donations sent to Alumni Relations Processing Center, P.O. Box 7007, Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007. Or even easier, log on to psudu.com and find the “donate” button. As I’ve said before. It’s easy. It’s painless. It’s your DU legacy.


Tim Finn, Alumni President
Class of ’75, and proud of it!

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