There are currently 822 active DU PSU Alumni. That means you each own 1/822 of the Chapter House! Doesn’t it just make good sense to take care of what is yours?

The summer program hasn't been finalized, but we do intend to do finish the electrical upgrade for the whole house, phase III will complete the main level (including party room) and the basement. Then we are done with electrical work.

We are going to do the driveway, but not the parking areas.

Those are the two definite upgrades, along with repair/patching/painting after the electrical work is done.

We will also continue replacing interior doors with steel doors and frames, we started that last year, and will probably finish next year. We are also putting interior doors on a new master key system.

We will be doing some sidewalk work/repairs near the porch that had Jeff's famous Spanish wall.

We may tackle a few smaller things as the estimates come in, but will depend on how much money we have left over.

Per the last point, can DU count on you? With your contribution today, we can accomplish, these goals and so much more. If you are inspired to make your gift click here to donate.

Can we count on you to help us toward our goals?

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