In 2016, we used our Capital Improvement Fund to update many areas of the house. These improvements certainly come with hefty costs, which we could not absorb without your dedication to DU.

2016 Electrical Phase III  $45,000 - this is the third, and final phase of our electrical upgrade that will, when complete will have replaced and upgraded 100% of the electrical system in the house, including a new supply from the transformer, new main electrical panel and sub panels.

Phase 3 is focused on the main floor, including the party room and the entire basement.  Phase 1 was done 2 years ago for approximately $76,000 and Phase 2 was done last year for about $45,000.  This has greatly increased capacity and safety throughout the house and provided much improved quality of life to undergrads in their rooms with higher power demands than "the old days".  Some of the oldest wiring was the old "knob and tube" type with bare electrical copper routed to insulating "knobs" that was no longer maintainable, or safe.

Pave driveway - $12000 - this will entirely replace the most deteriorated portions and overlay the remainder of the driveway from the entrance at Foster to the entrance at Locust.  This will not do the parking areas on the kitchen side of the house but we hope to tackle that in future years.  

Tree and stump removal - $2000 - this is an ongoing effort as we replace old and deteriorated trees in danger of falling onto cars, driveways and pedestrians.  Additionally removes old stumps to improve the lawn for a variety of uses.  Of note, we love our trees, but some are beyond their normal life expectancy and are hazards.  Recently, when we removed a very large tree that was showing signs of deterioration, we discovered that about 90% of the trunk interior was completely rotted away and was hollow with only about a 3 inch band around the exterior that was solid wood.  It could have toppled at any time.  

Door and lock replacement - $12,000 - This completes the upgrade of all bedroom and several other doors to steel doors and door jams rather than wood veneer, or thin metal.  Doors were deteriorated and increasingly harder to secure/lock.  New doors also meet upgraded fire safety standards.  At the same time, we are improving key control by moving to a better (and more economical to maintain) master and grand-master key system throughout the house.

Front sidewalk - $8000 - replaces broken up slabs near main entry door, eliminates puddling during rain due to slab settlement, and eliminates a step that is hard to see and has caused a tripping hazard. 

Painting - This will paint all appropriate parts of the main floor and basement after the electricians have completed their work.  When completed, essentially the entire house will have been painted in the last 3 years, corresponding with the 3 year electrical upgrade.

Of interest, this will be the third year in a row when we spend approximately $100,000 in house repairs and upgrades. Outstanding undergraduate recruiting, high house occupancy and alumni fiscal discipline has made this level of investment (probably at an unprecedented level) possible.

Your continued giving is valued. Close your eyes, picture the house with another fraternities’ letters on it. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

We trust that’s why you’ve continued to support DU all these years and hope you will continue your dedication to the DU of the future!

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