By Doug Humes '77

Thomas Edwin Kriebel, Donald Gaston, Burton K. Muschlitz, R. B. Shanor, William K. Jackson, John Harris Griffith, Harry L. Miller, Jr., James Donald Gartland, William H. Foucart, Wallace G. Murfit, Jr., Thomas F. Egan, III and Robert E. Harter.  If you lived in the DU house, you walked past these names every day, probably without realizing it. 

They were simply names on plaques on the wall.  Some old DU brothers who did something in the past.  And that much is true.  But they did much more.  As young men, most of them college age, they went off to serve in the military – in three different wars.  And they never came home. They are buried in France, in the Philippines, and several were buried at sea.  

When a few of us began organizing the 100th anniversary celebration in 2011, we also began researching the founders of the fraternity.  And we decided that when that celebration was done, we would then work on finding out more about these young men named on the bronze plaques at the house.  Sharing their stories.  And bringing them back to the DU House.  They are more than just names on a plaque.  They shared our experience – as young men they lived in the house, they went out the same front door and off to class, some were athletes, and at least one was the fraternity president.   And when called to put their lives at risk, they went off and did so.  Now we want to learn more about them.  We want the alumni to know about their lives.  And we want the brothers in the Delta Upsilon house, now and into the future, to look at those plaques and remember those names, and those lives. 

Starting next month, and continuing in future issues, we will feature each of these young men, and what we have found about their lives.  The research is ongoing, so if you have something to contribute, or wish to do some of that research, we would welcome your involvement.  Send me a note at the email address given below.  At the end of the process, we hope to have the biography of each young man, and a good photo, and perhaps make this research available as part of our pledge education for new members.  In doing so, we remember them, we honor their sacrifice, and we make them a presence in the DU house rather than simply forgotten names on a plaque.  

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