Hello My Brothers: 

Move in weekend went exceptionally well the weekend of Aug 20-21. The Chapter House was in darn good shape, considering. The final phase of the electrical upgrade is now complete. The plastering and painting were also done. The place was a little dusty from the plaster work but the contractors otherwise had the place in great shape. We also have new driveway pavement from Foster to Locust. Looks fantastic. 

We have an undergraduate issue stemming from a wild gathering on Arts Fest weekend in July. No physical damages, no criminal charges, no borough points. As a result, though, our Board of Directors have imposed a dry sanction on the undergraduates for the semester. One thing this means, particularly for Homecoming weekend this year, is that the Active Brothers will NOT be hosting a Homecoming tailgater. No chow, no beverages. However, Alums can still park in the yard & otherwise assemble. Just no beverages in the House.

We'll continue to work with the Actives to improve circumstances. We'll keep you posted. 



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