Hello again, my Brothers…el Presidente here. And with good news.

Homecoming 2016 is right around the corner- this Saturday, October 8, in fact. I am pleased to inform you that your Alumni Board has worked out some kinks with our Undergrads. I am confirming that there WILL be the customary offerings at our Chapter House, including:

Friday night greeting: pre-game tailgater before kickoff (with grilled chow & beverages), and post-game victory gathering.

Alumni parking is allowed on the lawn and our towing service will be inactive. Please stop in to see how your House is holding up and get to know our Active Brothers. And, of course, to catch up with your Alumni Brothers with the usual war stories, exaggerated as they may be with the passage of time.

I am also happy to report that the Chapter House is in great shape, we have a strong & involved Undergraduate Brotherhood, and they had a successful fall rush of 20 or so new Associate Members (“Pledges,” for you old-timers). I’ll be around for most of the duration of festivities. I hope to see you then.



Class of ’75…and proud of it!

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