The Locust Lane Crew and DU Brothers L-R: Jason Cartwright '96, Bryan Brockson '96, and Tom Arnold '96

Three PSU DU Brothers continue to lean on one another for support, their respective talents and knowing that no matter the situation, it is being handled correctly.

“Things are starting to accelerate rapidly. Construction on the brewery at 50 Three Tun Road in Malvern, Pa should begin in the next few weeks. We've had meetings with several local bars/restaurants and wineries to discuss carrying out beer and other partnership opportunities.

It's awesome to be starting the business with these guys.  In some respects, it feels like we're back at the house, in room 2 or 10 or 12, floating ideas, ripping on each other for the bad ones, and following up and developing the good ones. We all can't wait to see where this journey leads us.

There have been challenges with submitting our federal and state applications, construction delays, you name it and there's been one hurdle or another to overcome.  We rely on our individual strengths (Tom - finance/brewing, Bryan - construction/local municipality knowledge, social media, Me - Sales/Marketing/Distribution) to figure out who is best equipped to deal with the issue.  Then we lean on the trust we've established and grown since our time as DU brothers at Penn State, to know that the situation is being handled correctly.

The supportive vibe from everyone in the business - from competitive breweries allowing Tom to brew with them to local businesses excited to see us do well, the entire experience has been incredible so far.

We plan on being open before the end of the year (Nov/Dec), mostly dependent upon getting our federal license from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. We'd love to be a 1,000-barrel brewery at the end of our first year – a stretch goal to say the least, but what's the point of having a goal if it's easily attainable! We're excited to begin the journey.”

-Jason Cartwright '96

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