Our DU legacy continues with a great crop of new Brothers, which includes 18 fine young men. Their names and roster numbers are as follows:

Kartik Sharma- 1787, Ben Davenport- 1788, Rob Phillips- 1789, Alec Lewis- 1790, Luke Stitik- 1791, Robby Coene- 1792, Jake Kolessar- 1793. Bryce Dunlap- 1794, Tommy Bonebrake- 1795, Justin Giesler- 1796, Andrew Stagliano- 1797, Justin Yuan- 1798, Ryan Bensel- 1799, Mike Delisi- 1800, Jesse Martinez- 1801, Ben Bishop- 1802, Rob Martorano- 1803, and Luke Belvedere- 1804.

And that guy on the left- none other than Timo, Class of '75- and proud of it!

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