Hello my DU Brothers,  

Happy 2017 to you and your families. El Presidente here, still plugging away.  As I like to repeat – the state of our Penn State DU Fraternity is sound. Thanks to many, including you. Wasn’t that an amazing Rose Bowl game?  By many accounts, one for the ages.  We deserve to be Penn State Proud.  Our wonderful University heritage, of course, it not all about football.  But it sure feels good.  As Penn State DUs, we have many other things to celebrate, too.  In this eLetter, you’ll agree that our Chapter House continues to thrive. 

On December 3, 2016, we initiated 18 new DUs into our Brotherhood.  Look for their names and faces in another article herein.  These fine new Brothers have “Pin” numbers ranging from 1787 through 1804.  Do you remember your pin number?  I’m 929 (Class of ’75).  My legacy, Brendo (Class of ‘12), is 1600.  Think about it.  There’s only been 1804 Penn State DUs since our founding in 1911.  A unique, exclusive band of Brothers.  DUs then.  DUs now.  DUs forever.  The ties that bind.

THON is quickly upon us.  What does that mean to DU?  I was a DU sophomore in 1973 when the original “Penn State Dance Marathon” had its inaugural event.  78 dancers raised $2,136 in the HUB ballroom.  I was not a dancer, though I may have “streaked” the event.  My memory is fuzzy.  In 1974, 102 dancers raised $10,825.  In 1977, it became THON (as in dance maraTHON) and began its affiliation with the Four Diamonds Fund to benefit juvenile cancer victims and their families, raising over $52,000 that year.  Last year 2016, THON raised over $9.77 million for the cause, a good portion of which was due to our DU undergrads.  Worldwide, THON is now singularly recognized as the largest college student run philanthropic endeavor anywhere.  Our DU undergrads contribute to that noble effort with their sweat, tears, panhandling, endurance and solicitations.  Take a look at the article herein about the DU THON family, which will link you to the opportunity for you to help our younger Brothers make a difference.  As soon as this eLetter goes live, I’m going to hit the button linking me to my next $100 donation to THON by way of DU.  Maybe I’m showboating from a smaller boat, but any contribution is welcome.  Feel free to outdo me.  These community efforts also help our UGs meet several of our DU International goals of Building Better Men and their overall standing with Indianapolis.  Which is good.  If you can, please step up.  Your donation will be attributed on behalf of Penn State DU.

All Alums are invited to attend our winter Board of Directors Meeting, which will be held at the Chapter House on Saturday, January 28, 2017, at 10:00 A.M.  This is typically our longest meeting and we cover a lot of organizational ground.  Don’t be bashful.  Your input is invaluable.  Who knows?  You might even be appointed to a committee.  (Not to scare anyone away.)  Please come to our open meeting if you can make it.

Lastly, don’t miss reading Brother Alan Piciacchio’s (Class of ’89, Historian) wonderful article about “Phi Tau – Our Founding Fathers,” and all the insight it provides.  I hope our younger Brothers read this stuff.  It’s great.

Not to over burden, but don’t forget to also contribute within your means to our 2016-2017 annual fund drive to help fund our continuing efforts to preserve our Chapter House and the programs we support.  We need your help to maintain and upgrade our continuing legacy for our home away from home.  Future projects include dining tables, replacing meeting chairs, floor reconditioning, party room upgrades, continuing maintenance, and other sundry improvements.

Keep those cards and letters coming.  It remains my pleasure to serve.  Let’s keep up the good work.



Class of ’75 – And proud of it!

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