Brother Maher is second row, second from left

“My favorite DU memory was when Brother Ben Amato ‘60 dropped his eye (glass) on the floor at the precise moment a Brother whacked him with a paddle. The Brother was unaware of Ben’s glass eye and just about had a heart attack when he saw the eye rolling across the floor.

I still keep in touch with Brothers Don Shaw ‘57, Cy Dubinsky ’59, and occasionally Johnny Johnston ‘58 and Les Walters ‘58.

After PSU, I went into electronics and started my own company, with a partner and the company is now a component of a larger company. After selling my half after 27 years, I went to help my son who is a computer consultant. Still helping him and enjoy it. I raised a family and had four children, unfortunately lost one at 21. The other three are, thank God, healthy and happy. I am still married to the same gal after 57 years. I enjoy golf and grandchildren and family time and many friendships. Still helping my Son out here at work. (I consider him the brains and I the cook and bottle washer).”

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