Hello, my DU Brothers- El Presidente, here.  I report the following:

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, “May you be born in interesting times.” Well, things are getting interesting. Unfortunately, Penn State is once again ground zero for alleged fraternity misbehavior. I refer to the tragic concerns at the Beta Theta Pi house earlier this year, which was a preventable event. God Bless the family that is grieving their loss. I’m sure they wonder, “Could it have been avoided?” It is a righteous question. Though it may be unanswerable.

Upon that tragedy, the fallout includes the University’s desire to impose a revised set of parameters for the Greek system at Penn State. Our DU Chapter had no association with nor liability for the Beta tragedy. But, we are now exposed to new rules promulgated as a result.

Know this: DU is anti-hazing, anti-bullying, anti-irresponsible consumption of alcohol or drugs, and anti being a jerk. Is there a need to say those things?

Your Board of Directors is still shaking this out. We are attending a special meeting on July 15 to try to address these concerns. There are unanswered question. We will do our best to represent our common interest as DU Alums. We will report back to you.

On a brighter note, I am pleased to report to you that we are fiscally sound. We are in the middle of Summer upgrades to our Chapter house. These necessary upgrades and maintenance efforts are funded and on time. Thanks to the prudence of our financial shepherds.

We have a great group of Undergraduate DU Brothers for Class of 2017 and Class of 2018 and beyond. Remember the days when you lived in the Chapter house and only had to walk down the hallway to find insight on how to solve any problem?  Everything old is new again.

Things are looking up. It is my pleasure to serve and to report good tidings.



Alumni President

Class of ’75 (And Proud of it!)

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