The following is a recollection of two of our beloved DU Brothers, Jimbo and Ralph

Ralph Perri and Jim Barry pledged DU in 1972 and were immediately regarded as charismatic and comedic. Ralph exhibited the good-natured bluster peculiar to western Pennsylvania.  More delicate, Jimbo spoke with a lilting voice and diction evoking Leo Gorcey.

Debates in Room 14 almost always centered on sports or women. Ralph, favoring Pittsburgh teams, loathed Philadelphia counterparts. ("The baseball season is over when the Phillies are eliminated!")

Arriving as hyenas to a fresh kill when a package from Ralph's mother was delivered, brothers were amused to spy among cookies and such, collected for the strapping football player, slippers and pajamas emblazoned with Pirates and Steelers logos.

Many will recall hearing "The Bucs are Going All the Way" emanating from a scratched and oft-played 45 RPM record spun into early mornings. Not as strident about the NY Giants and Mets teams he favored, Jimbo was less concerned over their win-loss tallies, more troubled by depleted kegs, mattresses, and telephones.

Their contemporaries will recall these two holding court, wherever the tap was located. Moreover, had there been elections, the two would have served as officers for the “silver men” and co-captains of the fraternity calisthenics squad.

Jimbo succumbed to cancer in 2011; Parkinson's Disease felled Ralph in July 2017.

No doubt the two are draped over the bar in a celestial saloon, where Bo repeatedly inquires, “Are we drinkin' or what, huh?”... and Ralph is asserting, “Rolling Rocks don't get you drunk!”

Should any of those lagers remain, please keep 'em cold, gents...


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