Parking:  Like it or not, the Borough recently passed an ordinance for the Highland neighborhood (which encompasses our House) that prohibits lawn parking.  It does not matter that our property is fenced-in and has ample space to accommodate parking much more than our surrounding fraternity houses.  The new ordinance subjects offenders to municipal citations that may assess upwards of $70 each day for the pleasure of parking on our private lawn.  We don’t know how this will pan out in the future.  The fraternity will not be issued citations.  Rather, the registered owners of individual vehicles (license plate number) will be issued parking infractions.  Unfortunately, we must inform you that it is “park on our DU lawn at your own risk."  Maybe the police will issue tickets.  Maybe they won’t.  We have rented out parking spaces on our paved areas to students.  Securing those spaces to our paid patrons is mandatory.  While the new parking ordinance may seem crazy as applied to our large fenced-in property, we cannot guarantee that if you park on our lawn you won’t get ticketed.  As miserable as it may be, you will park on our DU lawn at your risk.  I don’t know what else to tell you.

Rooming House status:  In an abundance of caution, your Alumni Board of Directors opted to be a “rooming house” within the Borough regulations for at least the Fall 2018 semester.  You may recall that we had to vacate 40 UG Brothers from our House in December 2017, due to University sanctions.  Getting paid tenants to live in the House did not go as well as we’d hoped.  We are required to have a Resident Manager to oversee the rooming house tenants and general operations.  We have a very qualified Resident Manger living in Room 5 (which has a private bath and two rooms).  Despite our best efforts, we have only 7 roomers.  Not what we hoped for; but at least it is a few rental receipts.  Though not as successful as we’d hoped, it is still working out.  Plus, we have parking rentals.

Alumni gatherings at the House:  Whether our House is open for dropping in to see what’s going on is a bit dicey now.  No UGs are living in the House.  The House is closed to visiting Alums.  Also, the parking on the lawn issue compounds things.  Paved area parking would not be a problem.  However, we have sold parking spaces to patrons, who expect their spots to be theirs.  We cannot give a green light to park on the paved areas, since most spots are already rented out.  No one want’s to hamper any alum’s opportunity to meet on the premises for all the right reasons.  Please also note that there is a zero tolerance against alcoholic beverages on the premise.  Plan accordingly. Otherwise, we may suffer further sanctions.  We don’t need that, of course.

Homecoming 2018:  We plan to have our House open to receive returning alums.  Within University and the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life guidelines, you will have opportunity to visit our House, attend Alumni meetings, participate in voting for Directors and to offer input on how we go forward.  There will be a separate announcement forthcoming on our Alumni meeting soon.  Please participate.  We need your insight.

Sustaining our legacy:  Since we had to vacate our House in December 2017, we’ve experienced some rough patches.  In conjunction with Delta Upsilon International (IHQ) in January 2018, our UG membership was reduced from 60 to 20 remaining and qualified members.  Those twenty Brothers have stuck it out.  They were evicted in December.  Their commitment to DU was in doubt. They may have had nothing to which to return.  They followed the guidance from IHQ and our Board of Directors’ House Advisors.  They addressed and complied with the University’s stringent requirements.  They set the table for DU to once again be a fraternity recognized by the University and IHQ.  It wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Recruitment:  I am ecstatic to report that our UG leadership led the field among all Penn State fraternities in recruiting top flight new members for the recent rush period.  I could bore you with charts and details.  Suffice to say that our UG’s Fall 2018 recruitment stood out among all PSU fraternities as stellar.  We have 30 new pledges.  Top of the list.  Highest bid acceptance rate.  One of the highest GPA candidate rates.  All occurring when our Chapter House is closed.  Imagine that.  Our young Brothers must have something going for them.  We hope to lead the way.

Spring housing:  There is a possibility that there may be enough UG Brothers available to move into our Chapter House as early as this Spring 2019 semester.  Maybe 15 or so.  There are several advantages to that, including:  We’d receive additional housing billings;  we’d transfer from a rooming house back to a fraternity;  we’d still have 6-7 roomers to add to our receipts (which is allowed under Borough regulations);  our UG Brothers would have the House back to continue brotherly comradery;  it would regain our ability to host alumni events;  and, among other attractions, we’d be back in the business of being a fraternity.

Back to Homecoming:  There may be several tickets available for the Michigan State homecoming game on October 13.  If you are interested, I think we may be down to only 2-4 tickets remaining.  Get them while they're hot.  Whether you buy your tickets through this offer, you are still invited to attend the stadium tailgater.  Kickers may be $40 without tickets, but don’t be bashful.  We also expect to have activities at the Chapter House, in conjunction with the Alumni meeting and voting for Directors.  Please participate.  Watch for more info on the Alumni meeting to follow.

Doc Davis Newsletter:  In all candor, we missed putting out the Doc Davis Newsletter recently.  With all that has been going on, we dropped the ball.  We will re-commit to getting it together again soon.  We haven’t forgotten that important element of our legacy.  Stay tuned


Tim Finn

Alumni President

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