DU Alumni enjoy a night out after a long meeting.  From left to right: Mark Jankowski, Gerrit van Burk, Tom Gause, Ben Grigsbsy, John DelSignore, Ryan Mullin, Eric Van Emburgh, William Woska, Brenden Finn, Basil Pinzone.

Annual Winter Board Meeting

On Saturday, January 26th, the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors gathered in State College for the annual Winter board meeting.  Brother Gerrit van Burk ‘91 led the meeting as President with 12 other board members present and two participating via phone to achieve perfect attendance for the proceedings. 

Members of the undergraduate executive board were also in attendance as important discussions ensued regarding future residency in the chapter house.  The board took strong action, with policies put in place to ensure that future undergraduate Brothers reside in the chapter house. The board has recognized that a full chapter house not only helps from a financial perspective, but also helps create a stronger undergraduate chapter.

The board also finalized plans for the return of Founders Day weekend May 17-19, 2019 and also authorized the purchase of up to 40 tickets for a Fall football weekend alumni event.  Details regarding those events will be announced soon. The next in-person meeting will take place during Founders Day weekend. Please make plans to attend!

Older alums opt for a quieter setting:  From left to right: Billy Gray, Tim Finn, Ray Dinsmore

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