Each year we ask our alumni to support our annual fund. Of course, we all know that charitable giving has tremendous benefits for our chapter, but are you aware of the personal benefits of being a donor? When you contribute to DU, you’re:

  •  Ensuring the livelihood of our fraternity so you can keep returning to your home away from home year after year (after all, relationships are key to a long life, according to a Harvard study)

  • Helping more young men experience all that DU has to offer

  • Receiving a number of health benefits associated with charitable giving, such as lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem and greater happiness (Cleveland Clinic)

And you can feel good about making that gift either by mail or online. Your identity will be protected and your information kept confidential. We even make consistent giving easier by offering the option to set up recurring donations, meaning you can give a designated amount of money every month or year.

Unlike other opportunities for involvement in DU, such as serving on our alumni board or volunteering, making a donation takes just a few minutes and makes an incredible difference in our fraternity’s future.

'I support the annual fund because I believe strongly that one should "pay back" to those things that helped in the past. But more than that, it is a chance to "pay forward" and help give a boost to the young folks of today with the hope that they will someday do the same."

Click HERE to donate today.

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