My Brothers! It’s been a while since I last wrote you. In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed two heart stents, retirement, grandchildren, gave at least three “Charges” to new DU initiates at our Chapter House and I have remained active on our Alumni Board. Why? I don’t know. Kick me in the teeth.

Or maybe because I found something in 2009 to which I yearned to return. That is the year that my DU legacy, my son Brother Brendo (’12), pledged. Along with other great guys, he was a pledge classmate with Brother George Prutzman, also a legacy. Not only of his dad, Rusty (’73) (my undergrad house president). But also of his great-grandfather, Charles (’18, as in 1918). Yes, that Charles. Yes, that Rusty. It is a really cool thing that Rusty’s and Timo’s sons are our DU Brothers. And Charles’, too, Real cool.

Our road ahead for our beloved Penn State Delta Upsilon Chapter is challenging. These are rough times for the Greek system. DU is no different. We need your help. Your Alumni Board of Directors are committed to continuing our proud legacy. When asked to pitch in, please do so.

As a personal example, I’m on a monthly donation through PayPal. Every month, it’s harmless. I don’t feel a thing. If interested, click HERE.

Noodle your way around. You’ll figure it out. Whether $25, $50 or more, it will add up for good causes.

Tim Finn
Class of ‘75–& Proud of it!

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