My fellow brothers, I hope this message finds you doing well and staying safe.   We are truly living in challenging times and I wanted to bring you up to speed on the impact the Coronavirus / Covid-19 is having on our chapter at Penn State.

The Undergraduates have all gone home and are studying via remote learning. The house is closed and we are coordinating allowing the UG’s to retrieve their possessions on a case by case basis.  We had very high hopes for this Spring as there was an increase in house membership, and many projects in the works to better the overall physical structure and appearance of the house.  All these will have to be pushed to the Summer and Fall months, and will now also face the challenge of a reduced budget based on the lost occupancy this Spring  

We have cancelled the Founder’s Day plans we had for May 15-17 and plan to reschedule this for a date later this year.  We will be reaching out to those who have registered for the event to relay refunds. If you booked a hotel room at Toftrees you should reach out to them at 814-234-8000 to cancel. 

The Alumni Board continues to work hard to help manage the overall operations of the Chapter. As with any organization there are periods where more help is needed, and we are reaching that point now. If you have a desire to assist, and a love for the Chapter, please consider volunteering your time to what I believe is a very worthy cause.   There are many projects, that if we had assistance in planning from new Alumni Volunteers, would help to free up other Alumni for some of the more labor-intensive tasks of running the board operations.  If you have a background in accounting, or finance, we would love your assistance! 

Please stay safe as we work through the current environment.  I look forward to seeing you all at the rescheduled Founder’s Day once we have a date coordinated. 


Gerrit van Burk, Class of 91  

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