Hello Brothers, el Presidente here to update you on all things Penn State DU.

Our house residents for Spring 2021 will be 30.  More would be better, but 30 is OK.

There were some COVID-19 issues during the Fall semester, but we followed University protocols to the letter.  Everything panned out favorably.  We continue to hire twice-weekly sanitation of the house by a professional company.  We’re following best practices.  Our UGs are no more at risk than any other environment.

Our finances are in good order.  Enough such that we are undertaking several projects to maintain the premises.

We are replacing the exterior doors from the dining room out to the rear patio.  We are trying our best to honor aesthetics, security and costs.  It will look different, but it will be modern and secure.  We are including a new security door from the chapter room out to the rear patio (left of the fireplace).  Cost is around $15,000, which is budgeted.  It should be completed before January.

We are doing new flooring for the dining room, chapter room, foyer and near the ladies’ head (2,600 sq ft).  We have an Alumni Board member in the flooring industry, who saved us 50% on the cost of materials.  Huge savings.  Those floors had been re-sanded twice and could not be re-sanded again.  There are challenges in any old house, but we can install very attractive replacement flooring and baseboards, while enhancing the look. The cost is around $15,000 at discount.  This project is budgeted and will be completed before January.

That’s 30 grand in challenging times.  We are prudent, but we still must be cautious.  Our wish list of upgrades includes 1st floor windows.  Maybe next year.  We intend to have a fund raiser to upgrade our dining tables.  More on that later.  When your Classmate’s call, pony up.

Overall, the place looks great.  These improvements will only enhance.  Please stay interested and donate when you can.

Thank you for all you do for DU.  You won’t regret it.




Tim Finn, Alumni President

Class of ’75—and proud of it!



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