We recently caught up with our very own Jeff Lentz ’86  and had the chance to ask him about his DU experience, and where life since Penn State has taken him. Here's what he had to say: 

Where has life taken you since you graduated? Give us a brief recap up to this point including career and family highlights.

After graduating, I spent twenty years in Consumer Finance and now seventeen in Banking. Held various positions from Branch Manager, Regional Training Manager, and Group Leader. Currently I am a Vice President Branch Manager with M and T Bank in Wyomissing, PA.  I married early and went through not one but two divorces- currently married to a wonderful woman and will be celebrating six years this June! I have two children Haley, a PSU grad, who is a sales manager for a healthcare firm in the Philadelphia area. My son Joshua is a Manager for a storage facility also in the Philadelphia area. I also have two step daughters in the Reading, PA area.

What are the most important lessons you learned because of Delta Upsilon?

I learned many important lessons.  Being a DU alumni, our vision is about Building Better Men and I wholeheartedly agree my experience made me a better person in life. Another was about humility, about doing the right things, and accountability to yourself and others.

When you look back on your time in Delta Upsilon, what moments do you tend to remember most?

 What I remember most was bonding with the brothers who came from all different backgrounds.  I learned something from each to make me better today.  I had some truly unique experiences, ones I’ll never forget.  There were also the friendships built.

Can you share any photos of you back at Penn State or today? Photos with fellow Delta Upsilons are welcome!

I am sending a picture from a cruise I went on in March 2020... which was the last since Covid. Remarkably, it was also a PSU fundraising charter group that had some very important guests- many football alumni and as well Sue Paterno! It was not planned on my part... but happened to be on the same sailing! Got to meet Sue and Franco Harris as well as other alumni! 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Anything else I can add- well Covid taught all of us some life lessons. I truly appreciate my family and immediate circle of friends more... I value life more... I have had some health challenges but overcame a lot and I’m fortunate to be well through this! I hope to reconnect with Brothers I haven’t heard from in a great while... especially since I’m off the grid with social media. Don’t forget your past and don’t take for granted anything now or in the future!

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