THON has always been important to our chapter specifically because we have remained a top Greek fundraising organization over the last 3 years with our partner, Delta Gamma. The pandemic has forced everything at Penn State to be held virtually, including THON Weekend 2021. While we were shocked and saddened to hear that we would not be able to stand in the Bryce Jordan Center, this has not stopped our fundraising efforts. Over this past year, we have made significant fundraising contributions, mainly via online donations. Typically, we are able to host a variety of alternative fundraisers in person to benefit THON; however, COVID-19 regulations set forth by Penn State and the State College borough made this difficult to be approved. Instead, our members have taken advantage of social media and other online platforms in order to reach out to countless friends, family, and former alumni to help spread awareness of THON’s mission.

THON Weekend 2021 will be livestreamed directly from the Bryce Jordan Center where our dancers will be able to participate in virtual activities from home. Our 3 senior THON chairs: Matt Santos, James Latch, and Nassim Stegamat will be dancing this year for our chapter alongside 4 senior chair representatives from Delta Gamma. Our original plan for THON Weekend was to have all of the 7 seniors dance in the chapter house for the full 46 hours, but capacity regulations enforced by Penn State and State College made us search for other feasible options. After considering all possibilities, we decided to rent an Airbnb located in State College for our seniors to dance the full 46 hours of THON Weekend. Following all COVID-19 guidelines set forth by State College, our dancers will still be able to have friends and family visit and drop off packages, mail, and other necessities as needed to dance the full 46 hours of THON. While this year has been challenging in our THON efforts, we are grateful to still be able to have this opportunity for our seniors to still have a somewhat normal experience. We cannot be more grateful for our donors and our alumni for supporting our efforts each year as THON Weekend 2021 approaches.

Please click on the link below if you are able to donate towards THON 2021. Any support is greatly appreciated, all for the kids.


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