By Tim Finn (‘75) and Brent Richmond (‘76)

With sadness, we learned of the passing of a great DU Brother. Robert Joseph Flaherty, Jr. (Penn State DU ’75) lost his battle with a rapid onset of liver cancer on February 12, 2021, at the age of 67.  He leaves behind his beautiful and adoring wife, Linda, and the apple of his eye, daughter Cali. Whether you called him Rob, Bob, Flaggs, Flaggerty, or BJ, he was unique.

BJ graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Parks & Recreation. Part of his education was molded when he became a Brother of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. He graduated in the DU Class of ’75. He was instrumental in growing our Brotherhood. Prior to his passing, BJ’s contemporary Brothers sent him well-wishing videos to express their love for and their admiration of him as a Brother and as a life-long friend. No one would dispute that BJ was funny, kind, athletic, thoughtful, handsome, and respected.  His DU Brothers have tons of stories, though they can’t share them all here.

BJ was possessed of a fervent mind, the kind that saw things that others didn’t. When he put those thoughts to words, they were unique and wise. BJ was a self-aware man who was confident without being boastful.  His outlook on life tended towards the whimsical. To know him was to love him. He saw things differently. Weird at times. Spacey. Clever. Always kind. Indecipherable now and then. Quixotic, for sure, and chivalrous. To that, he would say, “quixotic is a 28-point Scrabble word.” He was otherworldly. His DU Brothers hope to see him on the other side and look forward to that world because BJ will be there to greet them.

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