Submitted by Ray Dinsmore ’78

Sadly, we recently learned of the passing of another ‘70s era DU, Brother Dwight Decker, Class of ’77 (Biology). A battle with cancer claimed Dwight’s life. He was too young. He left behind his immediate family and his DU Brothers, who have vivid memories of wild times with Dwight.

Dwight was a popular DU who joined a bit later than many of his freshmen year dormitory buddies. He was an integral part of the 4th floor Snyder Hall crew that joined DU. This group included Jim Hyland, Rick Dorland, Wayne Squires, Kim Allegretto and other great guys. Dwight’s identical twin brother Dave was also a “4th floorer.” Although a fixture around DU, Dave didn’t join, but added to the Decker twins legend.

Dwight was a fraternity favorite, a good friend to all, and an easy conversationalist. He had insight on any subject, even though he sometimes didn’t know much about the topic. He was an avid listener, if you needed to share a concern or problem. He was a mainstay at the “Traditional,” held after a chapter meeting. It was a gathering at the downstairs bar with a few brothers enjoying a beer, or maybe two. This get-together was an opportunity to solve simmering problem of the day, at least for that night anyway.

Dwight was quick to call BS on any unfairness. He ensured that pledges under his watch were treated fairly. He was well respected by those future brothers. His major was Biology. He hoped to get into Medical School. Instead, he became a Registered Nurse, working in the Psychiatry specialty, working his way up into a supervisory position. In addition to his rewarding career, his proudest accomplishments were his family. He leaves behind his wife, his two children and his four grandchildren.

Any gathering of ‘70s era DUs will include a multitude of stories about Dwight. Whether they involved late night “Jeeping” (a boon to towing companies), being held hostage and forced to drink green beer (an accepted excuse for missing an exam), or over-adapting to daylights saving time by going to his early morning Monday class an hour early (but a full day early too, which was a Sunday). We tell these stories because we loved him. We are sure that he will look down fondly and laugh with us the next time we get together. We will share a story or two, and lift a glass in memory of Brother Dwight. He was one of our best.


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