We recently heard from our very own Chase Englund '14 and had the chance to ask him about his DU experiences and where life since Penn State has taken him. Here's what he had to say:

Where has life taken you since you graduated? Give us a brief recap up to this point including career and family highlights. 

After graduating, I started working in the financial industry. I worked for several years at the Vanguard Group in Malvern, PA, and I now work at the Federal Reserve in Washington DC as a Bank Policy Analyst. I am the Chief of Staff for the Fed's financial-sector operational resiliency policy program. I was married in 2019 to my wife Elise. I still serve in the PA National Guard, as an engineer staff officer at the 55th Brigade headquarters in Scranton, PA.  

What are the most important lessons you learned because of DU? 

The most important things I learned from DU were; the necessity of humility and hard work, the value of community organizations and community service, and the importance of having close friends through life's many ups and downs.  

When you look back on your time in DU, what moments do you tend to remember most? 

When I look back at my time at DU, I most remember participating in all the parties and events surrounding THON and Homecoming, sitting through many long (but sometimes fun) chapter meetings, and hanging out at the house on game day weekends.  

Can you share any photos of you back at DU or today? Photos with fellow DU's are welcome! 

Above is a photo of me at my wedding rehearsal dinner with all my groomsman. From the left are DU brothers Matt Lamarr '14, Jason Defazio '14, my brother Frank (not a DU, but still a great guy), and Kevin Barth

Anything else you'd like to add? 

The only thing I would add is that I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe through these crazy times. If there is ever anything I can do for a brother, please reach out! 

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