Thank you to Douglas Humes '77 who remembered this picture from the '70s and told us all about it! Here is what he had to say, sound familiar anyone?

"I am in that photo - second row seated, second from left.  I stay in touch with a lot of the guys in that photo.  Formed a lot of great friendships.  The mid-70's were "post radical".  The 60's were in the rear view mirror.  Vietnam was over.  there were still national issues - inflation, gas shortages,  a national malaise - but for us, life was about what 18-21 year olds think about - classes, dating, weekend parties, and some place in the distance - graduation and what happens after that.  Our main interactions with each other - a communal dinner every night, a weekly house meeting, and the time spent together at the downstairs bar, and the downtown bars.   There was an east-west rivalry of sorts in the house, but friendships existed across that divide.    I have very positive memories of that time.  My office as Social Chairman taught me about budgeting and writing checks and being better organized.  In my junior year - while at age 20 I could not legally walk into a bar, as Social Chairman I could call to Hickey's and order 10 kegs for an upcoming party.  I enjoyed my time at DU.  Two years was the right amount for me."

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