John D'Antonio '93 (on the right) with my good friend, pledge brother and roommate Andrew Susi '93 in fall of 1991

We want to take this time to say THANK YOU to John D'Antonio '93 for his continued support of Penn State Chapter of Delta Upsilon over the years. We recently caught up with John and asked him about where life has taken him, Delta Upsilon memories, and what Penn State Chapter means to him today. Here’s what he had to say.  

Why have you remained so dedicated to Delta Upsilon?

As an undergraduate, I recall several alumni functions hosted at our chapter house. I was always impressed by the dedication of the alumni, many of whom were regular guests at these events. First and foremost was Charles Prutzman, who I had the honor of meeting at the 100 year anniversary of the chapter house in 1990. But there were many others too: the late Bill Landherr who was alumni president, Ken Ruch who was alumni advisor, COL Vincent Tedesco and Bill Hauser are the first names that come to mind. As an undergraduate I realized that our commitment does not end when we graduate. We were very fortunate to have been a part of Delta Upsilon and Greek life at Penn State and we must ensure that the current and future undergraduates have the same opportunities that we had – they are the future of this fraternity and the custodians of our beloved college home.

I have been fortunate and have always been able to contribute financially, but I am hoping to spend more time at the house going forward – I am happy to announce that my son just started his freshman year at the Penn State main campus!

How has being in Delta Upsilon changed your life?

Being a DU totally changed my college experience. Penn State is a large school, and it is not always easy to find your way. The fraternity gave me a college home, a core group of lifelong friends who I keep in contact with (I will see some of them at the Auburn game on Sept 18), and an active social calendar.

I pledged as a first semester freshman, so I was involved with the fraternity all four years as an undergraduate and lived at the house for three years. There were many interpersonal skills that I learned while living there. As an officer my junior and senior year, I also learned a lot about leadership – these are lessons that have helped me throughout my life and career. And of course, all the memories. Our time there was brief, but I can always look back at the fond memories and know that with our commitment our college home will always be there.

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