We recently reach out to brothers to see what they have been up to since Penn State, and they had a lot to say! Thanks to Gary Kowatch '82 for letting us in on your life! Here is what he had to say:

Who do you still hang out with from Delta Upsilon?

I periodically see Dave Brodie and Steve Frank at PSU football games, family parties, or simply for lunch.  It’s always good to catch up with them.  Bob Sweeney and I exchange Christmas cards every year, but I haven’t actually seen him in decades.  In 1990 we moved from PA to Albuquerque, NM, and then in 1994 to Orlando, FL, which got me out of touch with PSU and most of my DU brothers.  We moved to Frederick, Maryland in 2001 and I’ve been able to reconnect with a few since then.

Tell us about your family—are you married?

I’m married to Kim, who I met on a blind date in West Chester, PA after college.  Our 34th anniversary will be on October 24th.  And yes, she actually slept in the DU attic one year when we returned for Homecoming after witnessing a relentless game of Wales Tails in the old bar.  Fishbreath was ruthless, as always.  We have two sons; Zach (32) and Dale (30).  Zach’s a federal police officer in northern Virginia.  Dale’s the Dean of Students at a local private school (St. John’s HS), and also the head boy’s lacrosse coach at a local public high school (Oakdale) and for a Maryland club team (MDLAX).  Zach and Dale both played youth, high school, club, and college lacrosse, so we spent more than a decade sitting on bleachers and in lawn chairs watching lacrosse.  That was preceded by, and overlapped by, about ten years of them racing the national bicycle motocross circuit…i.e., more weekends traveling cross-country in a conversion van and sitting on lawn chairs and bleachers.  Wouldn’t change a thing!  We live in Frederick, Maryland, which is a fairly small college town (Hood College) with a lot of history and diversity.  Like a lot of old, small, towns, it’s now filled with boutique-type stores, restaurants, and microbreweries. Right outside of town are mountains and very rural areas which are great for hunting, hiking, mountain bike riding, and of course motorcycle riding.  It’s a great area, but Maryland taxes and the cost of living are driving me to Delaware for retirement, which is where we spend many of our weekends year ‘round now.  My dad, George Kowatch, PSU ’48, was also a PSU DU.  He passed away at age 94 a few years ago.  I included a picture of him and my mom (PSU ’48) in front of the original PSU DU front entrance in about 1947.  Dad had a thousand stories about PSU DU before, during, and after WWII, including how the Egan room came to be, and how the Fraternity got the house back after the war. 

Are you advancing your education or working in your dream career?

I’m 38 years into a career with Lockheed Martin, and about a 446 days, 43 minutes and 40 seconds away from retirement (not that I’m counting).  With over 140,000 employees, there are naturally people from every walk of life and background at Lockheed Martin.  My experience at DU where I met and lived with guys from all sorts of backgrounds helped me learn how to get along with, and collaborate with, a wide variety of people rather than just my typical friends.  That has paid huge dividends at Lockheed Martin and in life in general. 

What talents continue to bring you joy?

 My primary passion is still motorcycling, for those of you who remember my time at DU either riding my dirt bike or street bike with Albert Medofer and his bikes.  I road raced (WERA and AMA/CCS) on and off for about 5 years after college culminating with my last race at Daytona, but gave it up when the kids came along.  I still own and ride everything from Harleys to Ducatis to Hondas and a Suzuki (7 in total; Kim is very understanding of my addiction!).  My most recent motorcycle trip was this past May…6,400 miles out west and back with an old friend.  Our sons also ride, and we ride together often.  I still play the drums, for those of you who remember our sessions in the attic with Jim Duane on guitar.  I now bicycle for exercise since my knees are mostly shot, in part thanks to DU intramural floor hockey.  I hike, hunt, shoot, and enjoy everything about the local mountains.  On the volunteering front, I do enjoy church mission trips focused on rebuilding storm-ravaged areas of the country.  I go on at least 1 trip every year.  I’m not a carpenter in Dave Brodie’s or Bigfoot’s league, but I can hold my own.  I often wonder what ever happened with Albert Medofer and Jim Duane.  I hope everyone is doing well and thriving!  All the best.

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