When we talk about Delta Upsilon, some of the first things that may come to mind are the connections that were made through your years as an undergrad. We recently reached out to our alumni brothers asking what those connections have meant to them over the years, read on to see what Marc Jankowski '11 had to say. 

Did you meet your lifetime friend through Delta Upsilon?

I have a big group of Brothers that I can call lifetime friends,  I can’t name them all but I had Brother Alex Cocking, Ryan Mullin and Basil Pinzone as groomsmen.

What experiences brought you together?

We did a lot together through college, but it was the small things like hungover football Sundays and the nights that we all hung out at the house at the Eagan Bar that brought us closest.

How have you stayed connected since Delta Upsilon?

With Technology we all stay in contact pretty easy. On our big yearly get-together, we try and get as many brothers to come on is brocation ran by Brother Ryan Mullin. We have been up and down the east coast so far the last 8 or 9 years now and we had between 8 to I believe around 30 brothers coming on the trip.

What does this friendship mean to you?

It’s tough to think that people say the best times are behind us in college when we create new and better memories every time we see each other. I always thought that I missed college so much when I graduated but really once we all met up in a group again it all boiled down to the atmosphere we created together. As DU's we all create an amazing Penn State atmosphere no matter where we meet up! 

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