We Have 51% Achieved!

As you open this email, we’re sure you have your preconceived notions: here’s Delta Upsilon with the same old spiel about why we need money. You’re sick of reading the same story OVER and OVER again. Well, this month, we have a very different story for you.

Picture this: if something happened to you, how would your brothers know? If not that, if the actives needed a repair quickly, how would the fraternity contact you? Or if you needed something, how would you know who to email? Not everybody keeps an up-to-date contact list for many brothers to be accessed at once.

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DU Founder’s Day: April 17-18, 2015

At the Founder’s Day event, we will be honoring the brothers of the "late 80s / early 90s" era. The midpoint is 1990 and this is the 25th Anniversary of the era! We would like ALL brothers to return. However, we are strongly encouraging brothers who graduated between 1985 and 1995 to attend for a special recognition of your undergraduate days.

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What is Worth Fighting For?

Since you’ve graduated, you’ve decided to fight for many sorts of things including a higher wage, a family, a place to live, and even retirement.

We’re calling you back to the tribe.

We need you, our tribe of Delta Upsilon members, to band together again, just as you did as undergraduates in your pledge classes.

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