Thomas William Mason – First Signee of the PSU DU Roll Book, Co-Founder

By Alan Piciacchio '89- DU Historian

Thomas William Mason (c/o 1908), was one of two men (along with Gus Cohen) who had the idea to form a new society, which ultimately was named Phi Tau. Mason was born on January 30, 1884 and claimed Wilkes-Barre as his hometown. 

Brother Mason retired from Penn State as a Professor Emeritus of Analytic Chemistry, after 38 years of service.  In his retirement letter, provided by his great nephew Kurt Moser, Brother Mason notes that he changed his major from mechanical engineering to chemistry, thus it took him one extra year to graduate. Although technically from the class of 1908, in his heart Brother Mason considered himself from the c/o 1907: “I’m in the c/o 1907, all right. I’ve been its secretary for over 35 years!”

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State of the Fraternity

Hello, my Brothers: El Presidente here--again. Yes, I’ve been re-elected as your fearless leader for another year. Not to be confused with Boris & Natasha’s boss, despite the similarities. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will serve you this year in the best interest of all things DU.

Founders’ Day 2016 weekend was April 15-17. Was the program well organized? Yes. Were the Friday, Saturday and Sunday Alumni events supplied and enjoyed by all? Yes. Were Alums and their guests graciously received by the UGs? Yes. Was the Chapter House in good order? Yes. Was the tailgater before the Saturday Blue/White game awesome? Yes. Was the Sunday brunch at the Ramada Convention Center delicious and copious? Yes. Was the company great? Yes. Was the brunch well attended? Eh, not so much. We would have liked to see more of you there. However, a splendid time was had by all, just the same. Your Board of Directors will dissect how to get better attendance for next year’s FD event. If you have any suggestions, we’re all ears.

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You Own 1/822 Of The DU House!

There are currently 822 active DU PSU Alumni. That means you each own 1/822 of the Chapter House! Doesn’t it just make good sense to take care of what is yours?

The summer program hasn't been finalized, but we do intend to do finish the electrical upgrade for the whole house, phase III will complete the main level (including party room) and the basement. Then we are done with electrical work.

We are going to do the driveway, but not the parking areas.

Those are the two definite upgrades, along with repair/patching/painting after the electrical work is done.

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