What's New With George Prutzman '13?

Speaking with first-time donor, George Prutzman ’13, on what DU means to him:

Q1:  You are a very recent graduate, why is it that you donated so soon?

A1:  I felt obliged to give back since DU gave me so much as an undergraduate. I’m happy to support this wonderful organization

Q2:  Why did you choose to join Delta Upsilon?

A2:  I chose DU because I had the rare opportunity to begin a fraternity and shape it in a positive way.  I was one of the ’09 guys who re-founded the chapter. I wanted to join Greek Life and I delt this was the best option I had.

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Find Out What's New With Your Fellow Brothers!

This month, we put out an email for updates from your fellow Delta Upsilon alumni! And the response we got was pretty great! See some updates below from your friends at DU:

John J. Dubinsky '59

(2554 Gracepoint Court S.E., Caledonia, MI 49316-7979; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) DU Brothers of the 50s. The following Penn State DU Brothers communicate with each other and have done so for the last many years by email and/or by brief get togethers when possible and we are physically and mentally able to do it. Andy Stavres, Don Shaw, Les Walters, Johnnie Johnston, Jack Maher, Bob Brubaker and Bill Kling. We all miss DU and have many great memories that will last forever. Brother Cy Dubinsky, 1951 to 1959

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We Have 51% Achieved!

As you open this email, we’re sure you have your preconceived notions: here’s Delta Upsilon with the same old spiel about why we need money. You’re sick of reading the same story OVER and OVER again. Well, this month, we have a very different story for you.

Picture this: if something happened to you, how would your brothers know? If not that, if the actives needed a repair quickly, how would the fraternity contact you? Or if you needed something, how would you know who to email? Not everybody keeps an up-to-date contact list for many brothers to be accessed at once.

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